Youngjohns: Jan Can Go

Last updated : 28 March 2002 By Andy Beill
Speaking on the Harriers' official website, Youngjohns says that there still hasn't been any communication with Hull City.

He said: "It is quite remarkable that there has been no approach from any club considering the amount of cross fertilisation of rumours amongst the press over the last three days.
"Much of what we have heard and read recently I think has been dreamt up in the offices of a couple of newspapers. If we believe everything we read in the press we'd all think that Kidderminster Harriers are keen to see the back of their manager. This is certainly not the case.
"We will not, however, stand in his way. I believe that Jan Molby should be performing in the Premier League. I know that he is capable of managing at a much higher level if he's given the time.
"What disappoints me most is that many people seem to think our business should be conducted on the back pages of the newspapers. We will not operate that way."

Newspapers have been working overtime recently with all the speculation over Molby's future. The latest report in the Hull Daily Mail states that Molby would only be offered a one-year contract at City, but with compensation of aroudn £100,000 due to the Midlands club that would appear unlikely.