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Last updated : 21 February 2002 By Andy Beill
Stands will be 5 metres from the edge of the pitch.

No restricted view seats.

Park & ride (at Priory Park amongst others), park & walk using new pedestrian routes, and also 1600-capacity car park at stadium. Trams may be implemented in the city.

Existing Boothferry Park Best Stand season ticket holders given ultimate priority of seating at new stadium. Seasonpass holders elsewhere will then be able to choose their seat.

Ticket prices going up around 10% next year, but hopefully not at all over the next two seasons.

Costing £1.5m a year to run the stadium.

Bursts of music will not be played after goals are scored.

You can pay £39.99 to have your name engraved in a brick in the floor on the walkway to the ground.

Pitch will use GrassMaster (as used at Huddersfield).

Kingston Communications are the only company that the Stadium Management Company are in talks with over stadium sponsorship.

Boothferry Park turf and other parts of the ground will be sold/auctioned/given away.

Seat colours not confirmed yet. Blue and yellow considered (the city colours) but are the same as Leeds United/Leeds Rhinos. A colour neutral to Hull City and Hull FC (ie, black) is more likely.

160 disabled places (80 pitchside, 80 higher up). Ambulant disabled, hearing impaired and visually impaired also catered for.

Non-smoking isn't really feasible but ventilation is being worked on.

Big screens are expensive (cost up to £500,000) and may not be installed - money could be better spent elsewhere - but may be installed sometime in the future. Small screens will be on the concourses showing coverage of the game.

Football Foundation gave a grant of £2m. "Very surprised" that Sport England haven't done likewise.

Café/restaurants/hospitality will be "excellent".

Making sure that fans remain seated is very tricky. Will be especially enforced in the East and West Stands.

An extra tier can be added to the East Stand to raise the capacity by 5,000. The other stands aren't designed to be built onto but it can be done. The Stadium Management Company would pressurise the Council into paying for the expansion, but if they won't then alternative funding would be found.

South Stand ticket holders can sit in any seat - but some selected seats may be reserved. Seat transfers should be fine if you want to sit somewhere else (ie, if you're not with your friends or want to move to a more/less atmospheric part of the ground).

Museum may be built.

North Stand (away fans) capacity: 4,000
South Stand capacity: 4,000
East Stand capacity: 6,700
West Stand capacity: 6,000 lower tier + 4,300 upper tier = 10,300
Total capacity: 25,000

High-profile friendlies will be arranged before any league games are played as a curtain-opener (1 football, 1 rugby).

Hull City will probably play before Hull FC due to the fixture setup.

Pearson is hoping for a home fixture on Boxing Day at the new stadium.

West Stand ticket prices may cost more due to better facilities.

Visitors Centre opens February 4th. Will have virtual seat picker.

Upper tiers will only be open if the attendance requires so.

Crèche will be available soon after the stadium has been built.

Ticket Office will be open seven days a week and in the evening. Tickets will also be available over credit card, internet and fax.

The interior and exterior décor will be appealing and up-market.

Upper-concourse will have vinyl floor. Not yet finalised elsewhere.

Sports bar will be open day and night - not just on matchdays.

Fixture priority will be given to whichever sport is in season.

Neither club has paid anything towards the building of the stadium. Hull City were heavily involved in getting the grant from Football Foundation. Pearson has personally invested in the Stadium Management Company.

Legroom is "more than adequate" and bigger than the minimum standard.

The roofs will cover all of the stands (spectators should not be affected by the weather conditions).

Children will be encouraged to visit games.

A single season ticket will be necessary next season, which is valid for Boothferry Park (August-December) and then the new stadium (December-end of season).

Books and brochures will be produced highlighting the facilities within the stadium.