The Stadium Name

Last updated : 08 June 2009 By Andy Beill
The local telecoms company - who indirectly funded most of the £43.5million for the stadium after Hull City Council sold their KC shares at huge profit - pay a five-figure fee every year to the Stadium Management Company for the naming rights.

The deal will run for 10 years. There was an option to cancel it at the end of the 3rd year, which wasn't taken.

Fans had hoped that the stadium would keep its traditional name of 'The Circle'. However, Adam Pearson - then chairman of the Stadium Management Company and of Hull City - said that it was necessary to fulfil the sponsor's wishes.

He said: "Kingston Communications wanted the full name and I think we need to respect the fact a large PLC needs its full name on the title.
"For too long sports clubs have struggled because they have not been commercial enough and I for one have never been embarrassed about being commercial."

'The Circle' is retained in the address of the ground, which is: The KC Stadium, The Circle, Walton Street, Hull, HU3 6HU.

Meanwhile, Councillor Ken Branson said: "The City Council is delighted that Kingston Communications is involved with this stadium complex built by the local authority for the people of Hull.
"Kingston Communications is a pioneering company in which the City Council and many other local people have a significant stakeholding. It is fitting that one of Hull's best know companies should be associated with this flagship regeneration project."

Shortly after the announcement was made users of this site were asked for their opinion. The results were as follows:
52.4% said they hate it
26.8% don't care, "it's just a name"
11.0% like it
9.8% would accept it if KC paid more

Previously, in February 2002, site users picked their favourite from a list of names. The results were:
30.1% The Circle
23.5% Kingston Park
15.0% Kingston Stadium
13.1% The Kingston Circle
7.2% Other
5.2% Whatever The Sponsor Wants
3.9% Anlaby Road
2.0% Hull Community Stadium