Town priced out of Bullard move

Last updated : 15 June 2011 By Team Talk

Jewell would like bring Bullard, who was on loan at Portman Road last season, back to the club while the Tigers want the 32-year-old off their wage bill.

But Jewell told BBC Radio Suffolk: "The owners there are not prepared to let Jimmy go out on loan unless there's a huge contribution to his wages.

"It's a deal we'd both like to do but if it's a messy deal financially you just can't do it.

"Jimmy was great for us and I think we were good to Jimmy. But finances speak at the end of the day. Jimmy's on a fantastic contract there, he's on a top Premier League contract, everybody knows that.

"He probably won't play here again. That's not through a lack of ambition, it's just through being realistic - we can't pay the money Hull and Jimmy are looking for. Jimmy's got two years left on a huge deal and after hours of negotiations it's not going to happen."

Source: Team Talk

Source: Team Talk