Taylor Makes Assurances

Last updated : 18 June 2004 By Andy Beill
Photo © Martin Batchelor
Peter Taylor - committed to the cause
It looks more and more likely that Taylor will return to his old job with the Under-21s since Tigers chairman Adam Pearson agreed to the FA's suggestion of the 51-year-old doing both jobs part-time.

Taylor says that he is still fully committed to Hull City though: "There will be some extra work but that's for me to handle. At the end of the day, my routine for the last 20 months at Hull has worked well.
"There is no way I would let England come in the way of my work at Hull. That's not going to happen. I want to honour my contract. I'm still ambitious and I want to win things for this club - and for the fans. I've said before that last season was just a start and that's still how I feel."

He even sees his extra work being beneficial to the club: "There might be one or two times when it might be difficult but having thought about it, I know there are far more positives then negatives.
"One aspect of the England job is that I will be liaising closely with a lot of Premiership managers. That should put us in a really strong position when it comes to young players going out on loan."