Price: I'm in the dark

Last updated : 15 January 2002 By Andy Beill
Price, who hasn't started for City since signing in pre-season, said: "Honestly, I'm in the dark. I've heard of what's supposed to be happening and I've seen it on Ceefax, but, so far as being told anything, well, I haven't really.
"I'm not saying it won't happen and I'm not in the first-team plans here at the moment but nothing has been sorted out to the best of my knowledge."

Meanwhile, Brian Little said on the matter: "Someone said something to me about Mike and Bournemouth yesterday morning but he's still training with us. As far as I know there's nothing imminent.
"If someone wants to look at Mike then fine. It would do him good to get out and play a bit. He's not been playing as well as he should have been."

19-year-old Sheffield Wednesday forward Dean Cropper is currently training with City for the management team to have a look at him. However, they won't get chance to see him play in the Reserves as tomorrow's game has been called off.
Little said: "Kidderminster contacted us yesterday to say the game was off. I'm not too sure what the reason is but it's disappointing because we had a lot of players looking forward to it."

Rodney Rowe, Jason Van Blerk and Lee Philpott were all hoping to get some match practice as they aim to get back to full fitness. The next scheduled Reserve match isn't for another fortnight, when Halifax play host to the Tiger stiffs on the 30th January.