Police Respond to Violence

Last updated : 28 April 2004 By Andy Beill
Hooligans from Huddersfield and Hull clashed after both sets of fans were allowed to leave the ground at the same time, but only four Hull men were arrested due to poor safety planning.

Chief Superintendent Paul Cheeseman explained the situation: "While before and during the game there were few incidents, once again, after the match a number of mindless hooligans from both sides caused some problems.
"These occurred outside, around the north end of the ground, when a crowd of hooligans tried to attack Huddersfield supporters.
"Police officers, together with horses and dogs, were deployed in an attempt to put a cordon between the two sides and keep them apart.
"Disorder also occurred on the car park when small groups of hooligans started fighting. Unfortunately with all police resources deployed outside the North Stand it took some time to respond to the events on the car park.
"However, order was quickly restored and I believe my staff did a very good job under the circumstances."

The club and the police are expected to discuss and revise their methods for future high-profile matches.

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