Jan's On His Way

Last updated : 02 April 2002 By Andy Beill
Pearson says first spoke to Molby on Saturday, and although there's a lot to get done he is hoping to have the Dane in place as manager for the Luton game in four days' time.

He told the HDM: "Jan is a good man. He seems very passionate and he desperately wants the job which is good.
"I met him for the first time in the boardroom before the Darlington game, but I've not really had the chance to talk to him one-on-one. We'll start talks and do some kind of formal interview and hopefully take it from there.
"If everything goes to plan, he'll be here by the end of the week, but there's a lot of things to get through.
"We need to discuss what he wants - and what I want. We need to see if we're compatible or not.
"It could all happen in a couple of days but these things do tend to take time. However, I'd like to think it will happen by the end of the week."

Pearson is adamant that City have played by the book in getting Molby, who resigned as Kidderminster manager last Friday.

He said: "At this moment in time, I'm not concerned about compensation. All I'm trying to do is confirm to myself that we've got the right man for the job.
"I can say in all honesty that I did not meet, talk or even try and approach Jan while he was still their manager. We have not done anything wrong."

Meanwhile the City chairman has blasted the current squad's effort and fitness levels after falling to 11th in the table.

He said: "There's going to be a shake-up in the summer, make no mistake about it. Some players aren't fit enough. I'm not sure what they have been doing all season with regard to their fitness. There will be training for the whole squad throughout June.
"I wouldn't have minded if we'd given it [promotion] a full go but I don't think our physical condition has allowed us to really compete for the top positions."

He added: "We've not been good enough."