Has Ashbee Let City down?

Last updated : 30 January 2011 By Joe Public

Ian Ashbee, thought to be one of the all time Hull City stalwarts has caused a concern over his so far as yet unquestioned loyalty towards Hull City AFC. Facing 2 of cities biggest games over 4 days, Ian Ashby announced to Pearson just the day before a massive tie with QPR that he has been offered terms with another club. It's almost as if Ashbee has pressed the self destruct button with a club that has given him idol status and was a dead cert for becoming a predominant figure in Hull City's backroom when his injury prone playing days where finally at an end.

To add insult to injury, it is speculated that Ian may join Phil Brown at Preston. What Ian Ashbee thinks can be achieved by joinin a manager that the British football world has ignored for over a year is beyond me. 

Ashbees announcement followed by a written request was nothing short of disruptive and was correctly pulled from the team which saw Corry Evans step into his boots. The whole City side gave a good account of themselves despite the desruption  and gave QPR a game they thought would be a lot easier than we made it for them.

If Ashbee thinks Brown is some form of Guru and is going to resurect his career and turn him into an overnight legend then Ian has let himself and the City fans down although we will never forget his contributons, dedication and loyalty shown in abundance through all 4 divisions...which makes this situation all the more harder to comprehend....Where is Preston anyway?