FA Enquiry Into Racist Chanting At Hull City

Last updated : 07 January 2002 By Andy Beill

As you may already be aware there will be an FA enquiry held at Boothferry Park on 10th January into the racist chanting that took place at the FA Cup match against Oldham.

Representatives of the fans will be at this enquiry to add their opinions into the whys and the wherefores and what should be done in the future.

To ensure that these representatives can best reflect the views of the majority we would ask you to provide us with your opinion on the following:

* Were you at the FA Cup game against Oldham and if so what was your understanding of what happened, and the severity of it.

* Have you ever experienced instances of racist chanting or abuse at matches involving Hull City at any other time, and if so please provide details.

* What action have you seen taken against people involved in these instances.

* Are you aware of other forms of unacceptable chanting at Hull City matches, eg of a sectarian nature.

* What would you like to see done in the future to eradicate these problems.

Please post your feedback on the message board here or privately here.