An Ode to My Favourite Team

Last updated : 04 February 2002 By Ben Towe

A Little Poem About a Great Team

So who has been the best to grace
that sacred, hallowed, well mown place
sadly given recent birth
I don't possess a veterens dirth
of heroes from an era bygone
like Wagstaff, Carter, Neill or Chilton.

So here's the musings of an eighties child
driven mad and occasionally wild
by scenes of Don's fat cigars
and tiger striped Fiesta cars
by cheerleading pom pom girls
and Billy Askew's ginger curls.

Fettis always earned his cash
yet my keeper wore a tache
in the days of Brian Horton
no one touched Tony Norman
In defence would have to be
Jobbo, Skips and big Stanley
and from the team of zero one
Jamaica's captain Goodison.

In the middle, the Riverside baron
created at Boothferry, Steve McLaren
next to him, the long haired marker
cultured passer, Gary Parker
on the wing of course it should
be our Brian, King Marwood
and the last to gain an entry pass
a latter day hero Dean Windass.

Up front is posed a minor dilemma
for many goals have caused a tremor
yes countless men have come to score
and savour sweetly the Kempton roar
however my choice has an easy first
for passion alone it's got to be Whitehurst
yet next to him a different breed
one defined by a subtler creed
though in history he's yet to yield
let's praise the talents of L. Dudfield.

Though some have missed the team this time
it's not because their names don't rhyme
simply that, I'm shocked to say
so many greats have passed this way
2002 will doubtless embark
with a positive glow over fer ark
yet lets remember in moving on
heroes and legends are never gone.

By: Ben Towe