Season Preview: Millwall

Last updated : 28 April 2006 By Neil Andrews

How did you fare last season?
Crap - underachieved with one of the best paid squads in the history of the club (and that includes the UEFA Cup).

How do you expect you'll do this season?
Lower mid-table. Unless Colin Lee performs a miracle worthy of the great one himself - Ali Bongo.

What have you done on the transfer market this summer? Which of your new signings are you expecting most from?
We got rid of our Player of the Season (Darren Ward), our most promising youngster (Peter Sweeney) and our most creative player (Paul Ifill). We also got rid of Daniele Dichio, Dennis Wise and Kevin Muscat. In their place came Sammy Igoe from Swindon Town and Don Hutchison, plus a defender on loan from Derby Country so it hasn't been great. I'm expecting a majestic Indian Summer from Big Don, though, I must confess.

Where do you think you'll need to strengthen in the January transfer window?
Everywhere. Probably.

Have you any promising youngsters breaking into the team?
Marvin Elliot has been around too long to be labeled promising now, so I'll have to go with midfielder Curtis "Spaghetti" Weston, the youngest FA Cup Finalist ever.

Have you got the right man in charge of the team? Will he still be there at the end of the season?
I'm just thankful that we have anyone in charge to be honest with you. And judging by the 36 days it took to get rid of Steve Claridge, anything is possible when it comes to Colin Lee.

Is the club being run well? Are you likely to be singing 'Sack the board' any time soon?
We've already started singing Sack the Board. The club has been turned into a laughing stock in the space of two months, thanks largely to the inept approach of former chairman Jeff Burnige.

Which team do you most want to beat and why?
Crippled Alice. Because they're a bunch of Berkshire Hunts who've got ideas above their station. And they've got Darren Ward. He wears an Alice Band, you know.

Who do you think's going up?
Wolves, Norwich and A.N. Other, which won't be us.

Who do you think's going down?
Brighton, Crewe and A. N. Other, which may be us.

How do you reckon Hull City will fare in the Championship?
They could be this year's overachievers. Every season one team comes up that marches triumphantly into the play-offs and The Tigers have just the credentials to be this year's blonde.

Neil Andrews is editor of Millwall Mad.