Season Preview: Manchester City

Last updated : 10 August 2009 By Pete Cummings
How did you fare last season?
Wasn’t earth shattering but we did okay. Of course, many people viewed our season as a failure in light of the ‘amount of money’ we had. Quarter finals of the UEFA Cup was a good thing and something to build on.

How do you expect you'll do this season?
There are so many expectations of City this year and so much has been made about the club. I think top six is a realistic target. All this talk about breaking into the top four has been mainly media talk and a few over-excited fans getting carried away. Of course, the doom and gloomers are out in force and I read an article the other day saying we could be relegated. It is possible I suppose but I think many other teams will do worse than us.

What have you done in the transfer market this summer? Which of your new signings are you expecting most from?
Gareth Barry was an unexpected but very welcome signing. Hughes finally bagged Santa Cruz, before getting his mitts on Tevez, Adebayor and Toure so we are expecting big things from all of them. Hopefully Lescott or Upson will arrive before the end of August.

Where do you think you'll need to strengthen in the January transfer window?
It all depends on whether we strengthen further before the end of August and injuries during the season.

Have you any promising youngsters breaking into the team?
Vladimir Weiss is one to look out for and may emerge from the bench a few times.

Have you got the right man in charge of the team? Will he still be there at the end of the season?
I think the owners of the club will give Mark Hughes every opportunity to prove himself and will give him another full season to achieve their target of a top six place. Everyone connected to the club knows it will take time before true success arrives and it won’t be achieved by changing managers every other season. However, if we lose at Blackburn the media will be in overdrive speculating who will have replaced him by the next game

Is the club being run well? Are you likely to be singing 'Sack the board' any time soon?
The club is going great and I think it will be very unlikely that chants such as those when Peter Swales Out was in charge will be heard. Not sure how City fans would do that to be honest. ‘Abu Dhabi United Group Out?’ Bit of a mouthful. Besides they have given us a lot already and I don’t think we will be turning on them any time soon.

Which team do you most want to beat and why?
Man United just to shut the whingers up. All their manager and supporters have done all summer is say City are not a threat to them but go on about us at every opportunity. They’re pathetic.

I want to beat the promoted teams as well as we always seem to struggle against them. Oh and Wigan away. I’m getting sick of going to Wigan and coming back with nothing but food poisoning from a dodgy pie.

Who do you think will win the league?
City of course. Nah I was going for Liverpool until they sold Alonso. They haven’t really done anything apart from buy Glen Johnson. I will NEVER go for United so I think it will be Chelsea

Who do you think's going down?
My heart says Man United, Arsenal and Everton (for not selling Lescott to us) but in the real world probably Wolves, Burnley and the surprise relegation being Blackburn.

How do you think Hull City will fare this season?
Going to be difficult for Hull as it always is in the second season but considering my above predictions I think they will survive. Many people had Hull done for the whipping boys last year and while I think they will get a couple of hammerings, they’ll do ok. I’m going for a finish of 14th or 15th for the Tigers.

Anyway, best of luck to Hull and all your supporters next season. I honestly hope you stay up. The Premier League need unpredictable teams like Hull.

Pete Cummings is editor of Manchester City Mad