Season Preview: Leeds United

Last updated : 05 August 2005 By Kevin Markey

How did you fare last season?
Considering the number of debutants we had, fairly well I thought.

How do you expect you'll do this season?
Top 6.

What have you done on the transfer market this summer? Which of your new signings are you expecting most from?
Better than last season. More quality in Rob Hulse, Steve Stone, Eddie Lewis, Ian Bennett, Robbie Blake, Rui Marques, Dan Harding. Hulse and Blake will get the goals, Lewis and Stone will provide them and Bennett, Harding and Marques will stop them!

Where do you think you'll need to strengthen in the January transfer window?
All positions are nicely catered for, but you always want more quality and with Seth Johnson leaving, it should give us more money for any strenghening that we may need come the New Year.

Have you any promising youngsters breaking into the team?
Frazer Richardson is coming on, as is Matthew Kilgallon but we seem to have sold our young nuggets such as Aaron Lennon and Martin Woods. We'll have to unearth some more now we have settled our crippling debt.

Have you got the right man in charge of the team? Will he still be there at the end of the season?
Kevin Blackwell is as honest as the day is long. I hope and pray he does the job and no-one deserves it more and I HOPE he will be there at the end of the season celebrating our return to the top flight.

Is the club being run well? Are you likely to be singing 'Sack the board' any time soon?
Not with Ken Bates in charge! No one knows football more than him. He's seen and done it all. He's not here for the good of his health that's for sure.

Which team do you most want to beat and why?
Sheff Utd. There are getting too big for their boots!

Who do you think's going up?
You must consider the teams that went down and anyone of 6 other clubs such as Wolves, Ipswich, Sheff Utd, Derby, Hull and ourselves.

Who do you think's going down?
Brighton, Crewe and Plymouth spring to mind but there's always a surprise team involved.

How do you reckon Hull City will fare in the Championship?
As I said above, top 10 at the very least and perhaps a surprise play-off position. They have, after all, a good guy in charge in Adam Pearson!

Kevin Markey is editor of Leeds United Mad.