Going Down?: Leeds United

Last updated : 22 March 2007 By Kevin Markey

What's gone wrong this season for your team?
What's gone right? Bad start to the season and we've never got going since. 90 minutes away from the Premiership last year makes it even worse that we may not even be in the Championship next campaign. Selling Rob Hulse and Matt Kilgallon, sacking Kevin Blackwell, John Carver thinking he was Bobby Robson, skipper Kevin Nicholls wanting to leave, Ken Bates' spat with a former director... welcome to the soap opera that is Leeds United!

Are you behind the manager? Or is it all his fault?
Dennis Wise was probably the best we could do after Blackwell. He's achieved a lot in his playing career but stopping us from getting relegated will be his biggest achievement in football if he manages it. Can't be faulted for what's gone on in the past and if he had a full season would probably have done okay.

Which will be the key games in your run-in?
The next 8 games are all key!

Predict how many points you'll finish on. Will that be enough to stay up?
If we win our home games and pick up a couple of points away, we'll probably get to 50ish. Might be enough.

Do you think Hull City will survive the drop?
Yes, you have 41 pts and are effectively 3 wins away from safety.

Which three teams are going down?
Luton: They look desperate and are without a boss to guide them with Mike Newell gone.
Barnsley: Don't look strong enough despite getting the odd win now and then.
Burnley: Dropping like a stone and could be the surprise casualties.

If you're staying up, will you be in another relegation fight next season?/If you're going down will you bounce straight back up?
If we stay up we'll be stronger financially next season with most of our debts paid off. We'll have more clout in the transfer market and will be able to keep hold of players like Casper Ankergren, Radostin Kishishev, Lubomir Michalik and Jemal Johnson in order to make a go of getting automatic promotion. Relegation? Not even thinking of that!

Leeds' form this season:

Kevin Markey is editor of Leeds United MAD.