Fans? What Do They Know! Part 2

Last updated : 11 May 2006 By Andy Beill
Editors of fellow Footymad sites submitted season previews at the start of August. We'll use a points system to rate their predictions. Let's see how they got on!

Wolves - Simon Rickards
Going up: "The final mix will include Wolves, Southampton, Norwich, Leicester, Crystal Palace"
Four under-achievers there, then! And Palace didn't quite make it either. 0 points

Going down: "I think Hull and Luton will do very well to stay up."
Well, we did! And Luton were never in danger either. 0 points

Wolves's chances: "I see no reason why we would not finish in the top six and there is enough talent in the club to possibly take us up automatically."
'Fraid not, Simon! Just outside the top 6 but promotion was out of the question. 0 points

Hull City's chances: "I think somewhere around 16th will see you having a successful season"
Well that's one decent prediction, saved yourself from a big fat lonely zero! 1 point

Final Score: 1/8 - Click here to read Simon Rickards' preview in full, and here to visit his website Wolves Mad.

Coventry - Kev Monks
Going up: "Norwich, Southampton and Crystal Palace"
Wrong, wrong and wrong. 0 points

Going down: "Crewe who by rights should not even be in this division, Brighton could join them and possibly Watford"
Crewe are no longer in this division, Brighton are joining them, but Watford? Underestimated them! 2 points

Coventry's chances: "A mid table finish"
Just above actually in 8th but we'll give you that one . 1 point

Hull City's chances: "It's all about being consistent. All Hull have to do is to consolidate their place in the Championship this time round and then go for it the year after."
Consolidation it was . 1 point

Final Score: 4 /8 - Click here to read Kev Monks's preview in full, and here to visit his website Coventry City Mad.

QPR - Mark O'Haire
Going up: "3 from Norwich, Palace, Sheff Utd and Wolves"
It was just one from that group. 1 point

Going down: "Brighton, Crewe and Watford"
Another one proved wrong by Watford, but right with Brighton and Crewe. 2 points

QPR's chances: "I'm thinking we can most definitely end up in the top half and with the squad fit and firing, we might just make the top six. 8th-10th looks more likely though."
8th-10th? Try 21st, just one place above the relegation zone! 0 points

Hull City's chances: "Mid-table. You won't be relegated and you won't be in the playoffs - a consolidating season!"
Not quite mid-table but not a bad guess . 1 point

Final Score: 4 /8 - Click here to read Mark O'Haire's preview in full, and here to visit his website QPR Mad.

Part 3 to follow...