Fans? What Do They Know! Part 1

Last updated : 11 May 2006 By Andy Beill
Editors of fellow Footymad sites submitted season previews at the start of August. We'll use a points system to rate their predictions. Let's see how they got on!

Millwall - Neil Andrews
Going up: "Wolves, Norwich and A.N. Other, which won't be us."
We'll give you a point for correctly predicting that Millwall wouldn't be getting promotion, but Wolves and Norwich were never really in the running either. 1 point

Going down: "Brighton, Crewe and A. N. Other, which may be us."
Three for three. 3 points

Millwall's chances: "Lower mid-table"
Sadly not, Neil! 0 points

Hull City's chances: "They could be this year's overachievers. Every season one team comes up that marches triumphantly into the play-offs and The Tigers have just the credentials to be this year's blonde."
We wish! 0 points

Final Score: 4/8 - Click here to read Neil Andrews' preview in full, and here to visit Millwall Mad.

Southampton - Chris Colby
Going up: "Saints loyalties aside, I think Norwich are looking strong... As for the rest, it could be one of 6 or 7 clubs."
It was three of 6 or 7 other clubs! 0 points

Going down: "I'll play it safe and say the promoted teams!"
The only ones playing it safe were the promoted teams (just!) 0 points

Southampton's chances: "We have the potential for one of the automatic promotion places and will expect play-offs at the very least."
Oh dear! Maybe next season, eh? 0 points

Hull City's chances: "I'd say top half with an outside chance of the play offs"
Nowhere near. A clean sweep of incorrect predictions! 0 points

Final Score: 0/8 - Click here to read Chris Colby's preview in full, and here to visit his website On The Cross.

Crystal Palace - Nik Taylor
Going up: "I think Norwich will storm to the title... I reckon we'll take second spot and then you're probably looking at Sheffield United from the play-offs."
Norwich barely stormed into the top half! Got the other two the wrong way round too. 0 points

Going down: "Brighton, Millwall, Watford"
Swap Watford for Crewe and that would have been full marks. 2 points

Palace's chances: "We'll be somewhere in the top six. Expectations around the club are definitely for a top-two finish, but it never pays to be over-optimistic when it comes to Palace."
You were right to be cautious, Nik - top six it was. 1 point

Hull City's chances: "A solid mid-table spot"
Solid? Fairly. Mid-table? No. 0 points

Final Score: 3/8 - Click here to read Nik Taylor's preview in full, and here to visit his website Crystal Palace Mad.