When will we learn?

Last updated : 02 January 2002 By Clive Jones
Gotta say it. It needs saying. Just have to say it dammit....!

Brian Little haven't you learned any lessons this season at all?

Okay - Let me spell it out. Andy Holt and Nicky Mohan playing in the defence at the same time is a recipe for disaster. Time after time. And......time, and ........time !!!!!!!

Just to spell it out even further. 4-2 at Mansfield, 4-0 at Hartlepool, 2-1 at Lincoln and now 3-0 at Kidderminster. Got it? Lordie I do hope so.

You know there's a saying. If you have looked at all the alternatives and all you are left with is the obvious. Then it MUST be the bloody obvious!

So, commendable as it might be to have faith in your players, please Brian, look at the games and see the common factor. It is the left side of defence that just ain't up to it. By the way - even if you won't accept it, Brian, the facts speak for themselves.

Of course I'm just a pleb and probably know nowt about owt but my eyes
are as good as anybody's. I see things in an uncomplicated way. In a simple way if you want. And what I see is an Achilles heel that other managers just
exploit. Well, why wouldn't they?

After all, the video reveals the plain truth, namely that if you attack down the right flank (That's our left defensive channel) then it's fill yer boots time.