What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

Last updated : 11 April 2002 By Tigers Co-operative
We have received a lot of correspondence lately. The following letter is typical.

Dear Aunt Marge

Nearly a year ago, new love came into my life and I thought that it was the real thing this time. There had been others in the past but, although they had promised much, they had all gone away leaving me feeling even more hopeless than before. They had told me how wonderful things could be and how I had great potential but I know now that they never really wanted me for myself - only for what I could do for them. They had flattered to deceive.

Things were pretty bad before this new love came along. I thought that the bottom had dropped out of my world. First, when I came back from my holidays I found that I was locked out of our home by the landlord who said the rent had not been paid. It seemed as soon as this had been sorted out there were serious money problems. Somehow all our savings had disappeared without trace. I thought that this was the end of everything but a lot of co-operative friends rallied round and things began to feel better.

At the end of last summer this new love of mine arrived. We became a new team. I was dazzled. It felt as though everything I had ever dreamed of was possible. At long last I was having a good time again. I sang out loud because I felt so happy. We made plans to move into a new home provided by the council.

We went all over the country together yet whenever we went away something was not right. My love lacked passion but as soon as we got home everything was fine again, that was until just before Christmas when we had some visitors from Oldham. We thought it was going to be a party but it fell flat.

After that everything went wrong. My love lost interest and began to show many new faces not seen before. I suspected that there was a health problem and I became worried about my love's fitness. This might have been the reason for the lack of passion.

It became clear that our affair was over. People from the other side of the river started to laugh at me because they were beginning to have a good time while I was looking foolish once again.

Now someone new has come into my life. He is very experienced and has enjoyed good times with others before me. So far he seems to be making the right moves but dare I give myself again or will it once more end in tears? I am desperate. I have never even been a bridesmaid in the past let alone a bride.

Yours forever in anticipation

K S W Stands

Aunt Marge replies:

Dear KSW

I have received a lot of letters like yours. It seems that the one you believed was yours alone has been playing fast and loose, well maybe not fast, with a lot of others! You thought you'd found your perfect match but little you knew. This faint hearted serial lover was just playing around with the affections of so many more. This was not playing fair and now you are paying the penalty.

You ask if you dare give this new man your affection and support. The grass always looks greener on the other side and one could shrug and say it's all in the game but you have been hurt so many times before. Perhaps you have looked at life through amber tinted glasses in the past and you really need to ask this new man "What's your game? Are you just playing the field like all those others?" Only fools rush in: you need to know the score from the start! After so many winters of discontent you deserve your seasons in the sun. You have had enough of playing around.

However, you say he appears to be making all the right moves and offers a safe pair of hands so he could prove to be a good catch. Don't let things slip through your fingers because this could be the end of your losing streak but take it one step at a time.

Don't be distracted by those people from the other side of the river. It's just petty jealousy. They will get their just desserts. Don't forget that what might go up will surely come down again!

Remember that shortly a club will be opening for those who want to dream what seems the impossible dream. It's a meeting place where you will find others there like yourself who have suffered from unrequited love.

Move into your new home but make sure that you get the decor right: get the appropriate colour scheme. Perhaps this will kick start a new life for you and end the emotional rollercoaster ride you have been on for so many years.

So let's look forward to a bright future. While it's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all, it's even better to have loved and won!

Yours supportively

Aunt Marge

PS If you and anyone else reading this wants group therapy to help get over recent events then make contact. We're listening. Tigers Co-operative Ltd., P.O. Box 145, Brough HU15 1XP. E-mail: committee@tigersco-op.org.uk; Website: www.tigersco-op.org.uk