Was It Good For You?

Last updated : 25 May 2009 By Andy Beill
City avoided relegation but I can't say I was wild with excitement when it happened - more relieved that it was all over and we knew our fate. The pitch invasion at full time said it all: a thousand or so fans leaving the stands to show their bellies and arses and to slide on the grass. I didn't see anybody lifting the players up into the air, congratulating them on finishing in a blaze of glory... because they didn't. If there were any heroes of the day it was Aston Villa, or even Newcastle for failing to take their chance.

There was no euphoria for me, and I suspect there wasn't for most of the other 20,000 fans who didn't join with in the pitch invasion once the full time whistle actually went at Villa Park. There were five rubbish teams at the end of the season and the four that needed a result on Sunday all failed to get one so we stayed up.

I'm not saying we didn't deserve to. We got more points than three other teams so we will rightfully be in this division again next season. I'm not saying either that the season was a failure. City achieved their target for the season - but it didn't happen on Sunday. It happened in the first 3 months of the season, at Fulham in March, and at Bolton last week. I celebrated those results then. I just didn't feel the urge to celebrate them again on Sunday.

I may not be coming across this way but I am happy with the achievement of the team and to be watching City in the Premier League again next season. It's going to be long and hard though if improvements aren't made because currently we have a dysfunctional team. Starting afresh without form guides will do everyone good and revive confidence, but it won't produce a goal-scorer or a competent, creative midfield.

You can only live on past success for so long. I immensely enjoyed Wembley and many of the games in the Premier League at the time and will always be proud of them, but I'm much more interested now in what the club do over the summer and how we approach next season to make great things happen again than looking back at the past.

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