Up For The Cup

Last updated : 27 August 2009 By Tom Collins
It’s not the most glamorous competition in the world, granted. But City aren’t the most glamorous club in the world either. The league cup, in whatever its guise deserves respect, and City shouldn’t think it’s beneath them to take it seriously.

The league has to take priority, of course. With the vast financial penalties for relegation, it would be foolish to suggest otherwise. But only four wins are needed to reach the semi-final stages of the competition. Not a massive ask is it really? City put out a reserve team last night that was good enough to win the game, but against better opponents later in the competition, why shouldn’t a full strength side be fielded?

The potential benefits to a Club of our size are huge. A place in Europe (something I thought I’d never see City achieve), and a great day out at Wembley, which we all know from personal experience is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Winning the League Cup is an attainable dream as well. Leicester, Middlesbrough and Blackburn have all won it in the last ten years, so why can’t we? A couple of extra games would have next to no effect on our season, and City are long overdue having a ‘proper’ trophy in the KC cabinet. I say let’s go for it, let’s really try to win a competition that’s really worth winning.