Tiger On Tour: Hello From Hong Kong

Last updated : 16 December 2008 By Andy Beill
On Friday, my girlfriend and I flew to Hong Kong instead of Bangkok, where we had been planning on going but saw protests disrupt our plans. After a pleasant flight (as pleasant as 11-hour flights go), we arrived in Hong Kong on Saturday morning.

Found a couple of "Irish" pubs that would be showing the 'big four' in the Premier League that night and a few other bars without sports, but on the whole there's very few places to sit and have a drink. I wasn't too distraught though - I was in bed by 11pm when City's match kicked off, having barely slept for over 30 hours. Managed to get a couple of score updates on the BBC World News TV channel available in the room we stayed in (at the Yan Yan guesthouse in Chung King Mansion - not recommended for first time travelers!) Saw it was still goalless with 20 minutes to go, then was pleasantly surprised when I got a text from home at full time telling me the scorers. Went to sleep happy with that knowledge!

We took the short ferry ride across the harbour to Hong Kong Island where we have stayed since and enjoyed, though it's just as hectic as the Kowling area.

Am using the Central Library for internet access - very efficient place, as is most of Hong Kong. Have managed to watch the goals (they just about squeezed in, didn't they!) and read about the match. I concur with Browny; it doesn't feel like our first win in 7, as the Bolton defeat was arguably the only bad result among those 6 games.

We fly to Hanoi in Vietnam on Thursday. Will hopefully have a decent chance of seeing the game on Saturday as it's Liverpool.

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