Tiger On Tour: Coming To An End

Last updated : 27 April 2009 By Andy Beill
While I managed to watch every game when travelling around South East Asia, I've not found City on TV once in Australia. The time difference means games happen in the middle of the night, and without a TV - let alone cable - in my little, hired campervan it's not been possible to see any footage.

I'm sure it's been hard for those of you at home going to watch City lose almost every week but let me assure you it's no easier hearing about it without seeing it. For 7 weeks I've been waking up at 5am and reading as much of a summary as can be fitted into a text message and working out in my head or on a scrap of paper how that leaves the league table, if I find the other results. The rest of the week is then spent contemplating my confidence in us staying up and looking forward to 3 points in the next game that would change everything... but hasn't come.

That's the hard part anyway. 2 months in Australia has been fantastic otherwise with many highlights. Sydney's an exciting city with lots to do there. The sunny harbour is a beautiful setting (though it's famous bridge is nowt compared to the Humber Bridge). The rest of New South Wales is much quieter, but the towns and the drives and the most interesting of any on the east coast.

Victoria's main attraction is Melbourne. The life of leisure many seem to enjoy there is hard to escape, and although I was of course joining in with it for a week I couldn't take much of it. I'd rather while away the time at Phillip Island's Nobbies than at some of Melbourne's pretentious cafes and restaurants. It's hard to put into words how captivating the sea splashing against some rocks really is.

Coming back up the east coast we had nothing but rain - and were even flooded up to our ankles at a campsite in Southport on the Gold Coast - until reaching the appropriately named Sunshine Coast. The last 10 days has been warm, sunny beach weather - and Queensland's got a few. Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island stands out. I don't much care for the wildlife in the tropical campsites though, kangeroos aside!

We spent yesterday out on the Great Barrier Reef and will be in Cairns by the end of the week. That's where this 5-month adventure ends and my friend and I return to England. The flight lands, after spending 25 hours in the air, the day before the Stoke game, which I hope to attend providing I can find transport (anyone driving up from Oxfordshire?). I'm thousands of miles away now, hopefully I'll manage the last few hundred to Hull!

This will probably be my last update 'til then so please give City an extra shout for me at Villa. I'll save up my voice for those final 3 games.

Andy (Tiger On Tour)