The Space Between

Last updated : 15 October 2008 By Andy Beill
8 less league games a season makes it a big gap between each one, doesn't it? Obviously not for those teams in cup competitions, but for us we've got ages with not much to talk about while we wait for another game. It still doesn't feel normal to be having a Premier League game at the KC Stadium; it will only be our fourth on Sunday.

I was out in Hull on Saturday night and all people were talking about, still, was the Spurs game and even the Arsenal game. There's not much left to say about them by now, as brilliant as they were.

Conversely when we get a bad result (come on, it's bound to happen sometime!) there'll be a long time to stew over it until we get it out of the system with the next game. Two or three games without a win? That could be a month.

It's obviously beneficial for the players to have some time off to recover and get ready for the next league game, but if we're still in the Premier League next season a cup run would be nice to give us fans more to talk about!

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