The Clive Jones Column

Last updated : 09 April 2002 By Clive Jones

Remember when you were at school? There were always the fat lads that nobody wanted in their team. When you picked your side, they were always the last to be chosen and they always went in goal!

Well, I bet Jan Molby feels like that when he gets on the training ground with the Tigers players now. I know he's not exactly slim himself, but hell, he doesn't have to play. But some of the City players remind me of those bygone days.

Now I don't expect much from professional football players. In fact I'm quite an easy person to please. I don't expect awesome displays every week. I don't expect thrilling performances. I don't expect a hat full of goals every week either. (Though it would be nice.)

But what I do expect is professional pride. I do expect Hull City players to be fit and I don't expect to see players with the fitness levels of a Sunday morning pub team.

Frankly, that's what we have got at Boothferry Park and you can blame whoever you like. But the buck stops with the individual in my mind. That's not to say all the players are guilty. However, I can't help wondering if some individuals are paid too much money and have too much time on their hands to spend it.

Fortunately, I wasn't at the game against Luton. But from what I've been told, it was a disgraceful performance. I'm just glad that I had a prior engagement which thankfully I couldn't get out of. (Non-football related before you ask.)

I've received plenty of "you're lucky you weren't there" cards today. And I'm not joking!

So when Mr Molby selects his final three line ups for the season, I wonder who gets to play in goal. It might be Paul Musselwhite. But it could just as easily be Andy Holt, Ryan Williams, Michael Price, Nicky Mohan, Gary Alexander or one or two others!

My choice would be Matt Glennon. Enough said!