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Last updated : 04 August 2008 By Tiger Pen
There are many different types of Hull City supporters and they come from all corners of the world. The invention of the internet has helped show just how far worldwide support reaches with representation from Canada, USA, Malta, Sudan, Hong Kong, Gibralter and Australia. Respect must be given to those who follow from afar. What, though, of those nearer to home? What makes a fan a true fan and what exactly do you have to do to qualify as non-plastic or glory hunting?

Without doubt there are a number of people who can rightly claim to be a "diehard" City fan. They do not need to claim to be the biggest and best fan in the world; they already have the scars of battle etched deep into their skin.

Why though are new supporters named "Glory Hunters"? Are City finally going to be winning a major trophy this season? Are we about to set off on a European dream? I doubt either, so where exactly is the glory! Is it not the club's intention to increase gate revenue from the miserable days under Dolan? I thought that the added interest in the club would be deemed as a good thing; more income, more disposable cash, better players bought - it's a snowball effect.

So if City are not chasing glory and no such glory-hunting fans exist, let's deal with "Plastic". I think the last plastic fan I saw at a Hull City game was "Harry the Haddock" when our codhead friends came to visit us a few years ago. Can I ask any home owners here if they have changed energy suppliers to get a better deal of late? If so, what is wrong with supporters of other teams coming to watch the Tigers provide a better day's entertainment at cheaper prices? Isn't that what happens in everyday life?

The bottom line is that all supporters of Hull City AFC are exactly that: a supporter. Some are lucky enough to live in an area which makes it feasible to see the team play, others are lucky enough to afford a season pass no matter where they come from. An old man drinking beer at 5am in the morning somewhere in Louisiana is no less a supporter than a young man queuing to get in the KC at 2:30pm on a matchday.

Come one, come all, we are brothers in arms. Tigers to the death. Well, at least until relegation!

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