Sunday Times Season Round-Up

Last updated : 10 May 2010 By Andy Beill

Your season out of 5?

Your best player of the season:
Stephen Hunt was best in terms of quality, but George Boateng showed character and responsibility until the end - unlike many others.

Your worst player of the season:
Most weren't good enough but Bullard's been the biggest disappointment. 3 outstanding games before injury turned him into a cowardly shadow of the player he was.

Best moment:
Unbeaten run in November: Last minute win against Stoke, holding on against West Ham, scoring three in 28 minutes against Everton, and Bullard doing the famous celebration after equalising at Man City.

Worst moment:
Bullard collapsing the following week; we won two of the remaining 23 games.

Most annoying opposing player:
Samir Nasri typified the dirtiness Arsenal get away with but criticise others for.