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Last updated : 27 August 2008 By Carolina Tiger
When we rose to the lofty heights of the Premier League it was heralded as a watershed for media attention for the club. How we will be inundated with articles about the club and journalists lurking all over the training ground. Well, has this actually happened?

I constantly look at NewsNow and other sports sites, and particularly the Hull City pages (a shock I know) and I don't actually see any more news - just more articles about us. There may be 5, 6 or even 7 pieces about the same topic but all basically plagerised (maybe too harsh a word) from one piece of real journalism. Is quantity the same as quality? As it is there are articles appearing on the internet about the Mighty Tigers from Australia, the United States, India, New Zealand and South Africa. How can they glean any more insight into the Tigers than a home based journalist?

I read one piece of sloppy journalism from the Irish Independent about our draw with Blackburn Rovers, that had the title: 'Ince heaps praise on Tigers after gritty draw'. He does no such thing. He isn't even quoted in the article; it is the Blackburn Vice-Captain David Dunn who is interviewed and he talks about the possibility of their main strike force leaving Blackburn. No hint of praise for our gritty performance. If anything, from all the other articles and reports of our performance, Mr Ince seems to think their team of thoroughbred multinationals were tired from international duty so performed under par.

I think what we are seeing is the hype of the Premiership. An unquestionable hunger for news and information about all of the clubs but with no real substance. Yes, it is great to see the Tigers on Match of the Day or Sky Sports News but there is no real quality in this insatiable thirst for information. There is no more news about our heroes, just more badly written articles. This one included.

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