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Last updated : 29 September 2002 By Clive Jones
It is a well known fact that when people are under pressure their decision making sometimes starts to go awry. Pressure brings all sorts of strange outbursts from normally level headed people... so, I am putting Hull City chairman Adam Pearson's incredible outburst against the local media down to pressure.

There can be no other explanation because if the Tigers chairman believes that the local press boys are out to get him and ruin the clubs promotion ambitions, he is living in a different world to the rest of us.

Let's face it. It has NOT been champagne football so far this season from Jan Molby's men and those are the words coming from the bosses mouth not mine.

After the 3-1 home defeat by Macclesfield - Molby berated his players in a most public way and chose to use the local media as his preferred outlet. Yet less than four days later, the chairman spits out his dummy when the side are criticised for eking out a bore draw at Oxford.

Now, there are thinly veiled threats from Mr Pearson that he is going to make life hard for BBC Radio Humberside's reporters. As someone that sits afar and detached from this "Alice in wonderland world" that Hull City would like us all to live in, I believe that the responsibility of the media is to tell it as it is, and not to become a propaganda vehicle for the club.

Frankly, if Mr Pearson thinks he can brainwash the fans into believing that everything in the garden is rosy by trying to gag the media, he totally underestimates the Tigers fans.

And while he may be able to exercise control over what goes in the matchday programme because he is the boss, it would be a sorry world if others were not allowed to put forward a contrary point of view, in the real world.

Getting back to my original point at the start of this article, my message to Mr Pearson is: Stop trying to control what others do and start to get a grip on what you are doing at the football club. Your job is to make the football club successful - it is not to create a blame culture which merely masks the problems at Boothferry Park.

The media don't play matches. The media don't lose matches. And the media are not there to paint pretty pictures of deceit to try and brainwash the fans.

As I said, pressure sometimes makes people lose sight of what is really important and someone ought to whisper some words of wisdom in the chairman's ear on that score!