Pride Comes Before A Fall

Last updated : 09 October 2008 By Carolina Tiger
Paul Duffen said on Radio 5Live: "The good thing is there is nothing about our tactics that can be sussed out.
"Phil (Brown) has proved himself to be a tactical magician. He outmanoeuvred Arsene Wenger at the Emirates Stadium and not many have done that."

Well, you say we have played very well to get some great results against some good sides with some resolute football, and a fair share of attacking aplomb. However, isn't drawing attention to ourselves in this manner counter productive? Surely, our on-field displays have been enough of a demonstration of what the Tigers have to offer without our Chairman laying us open to eating some humble pie?

As for out manoeuvering Arsene Wenger on the football field I think that if Arsenal had not over-played their attacking prowess and had a speculative strike from outside the box a la Geovanni they may have scored more than the single own goal. Instead they tried to walk the ball into the net, the rest is history and the result from the Emirates could have been very different. The same could be said for the Spurs game where if the Spurs team had a striker with his shooting boots on they would have caused us more problems.

Don't get me wrong, I think we have played some great football (and had a portion of luck that negated us against Wigan) and we have nullified a lot of the attacking prowess of the opposition so far this season and long may it continue. I feel we will come up against teams that know how to find the back of the net or we don't turn up for the game with the right mentality and the result could make Paul Duffen end up eating humble pie.

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