Premiership Dream Starts Here (Hull City 2-1 Fulham)

Last updated : 24 August 2008 By Mr Sitter
Saturday 16th August marked a new era for everyone involved with Hull City AFC, the fans, the players and the manager and his backroom staff. This was the first time in our 104 year history that we have ever played a top flight match. The stadium was packed, the players raring to go and the referee blew his whistle - we were off!

We didn't get off to the best of starts as Seol Ki Hyeon scored after 8 minutes, but Geovanni scored to make it all level, and Folan came off the bench to score the winner. Our fans went mental, we couldn't believe it. We got our 3 points in our very first game.

I set off in the morning to the match expecting the worst. I don't have the greatest faith in City as I don't like to be disappointed (who does?) and when they scored in the first 8 minutes I've got to admit that I didn't exactly have much hope for us for the rest of the match until Geo popped up and scored a beauty. What a free signing Phil Brown has pulled off with Geovanni. I have no idea why he wasn't in Mark Hughes's plans as he is a quality player, always giving 100%.

Then Folan came to give the extra fire power and he started to worry the tiring defence. He is another player I have a massive amount of respect for. Whenever I have seen him he always chases down players which gets the crowd going and I can sense something special is going to happen - and something special did happen. Konchesky was snoozing (so Fulham were losing... well, about to) and got caught in possession in his own box by Fagan, who squared it to Folan who neatly tucked it in the bottom corner. The East, North and South stands went mental. I think even the West Stand opened their mouths to cheer which is odd seeing as it's usually full of prawn sarnies.
The fans went home with smiles from ear to ear, eagerly awaiting the away match against Blackburn Rovers. Who would have thought that City could be in the top six of the premier league?!

Blackburn Rovers next, who won against Everton at Goodison Park with an injury time goal. It will be interesting times ahead...