Opening Night Extravaganza... Against Sunderland

Last updated : 04 December 2002 By Clive Jones
So it IS to be Sunderland for the big game at the Kingston Communications Stadium!

Sorry...but I can't help thinking that it would have been better if they had beaten Sheffield United in the Worthington Cup. I found myself tracking the progress of that game wishing (nay, praying) that the Sunderland would break the Blades fans' hearts by scoring. Silly me, Sunderland score ...! No chance.

And when I heard that Wilko had sent nine stiffs out to play in game - all my hopes were dashed.

I don't really want to think too hard about the prospect of seeing Howard Wilkinson's "Long Ball" Premiership strugglers at the KC.

And, I can't help thinking that Adam Pearson should have set his sights higher than getting the Black Cats for the opening night. I for one really wanted to see a foreign side for the big day. But then, it is emerging, day by day, that the Tigers chairman is definitely lacking when it comes to setting his sights high.

We will have to suffer the re-formed "Fine Young Cannonballs" for the opening night extravaganza - complete with Roland Rat and no doubt a suprise guest appearance from Basil Brush and that well known Hull superstar Roy North. John Alderton and Ian Carmichael are also bound to play a part too and all that to prove to the entire world that Hull is a top ten City.

Sunderland!!! Do me a favour!