New Seats for a New Home

Last updated : 12 November 2002 By Clive Jones
A seat is a seat is a seat. You betchya..! Except when it's a seat in the new Kingston Communications Stadium and then it becomes something of a political hot potato.

It's quite amazing that common sense has broken out over the colours of the seats in the Tigers new home. But you know, I can't help wondering just what the boffins were thinking about when they came up with the original colour scheme, of mainly black with a tinge of white and even less of a tinge of amber.

It's nice that those very same boffins have been forced, by the weight of public pressure we are told, to rethink and finally bow to that pressure and amply reflect the wishes of the City faithful.

But wait....the cynic in me says, when did a boffin ever bow to the weight of public pressure? Answer: Probably never. So why the U-turn now?

A little dicky bird told me in the strictest confidence, that a senior politician in the City, when shown around the new KC Stadium, concluded. "Nice Stadium. Shame about those colours !"

But hell, should I be complaining about that, I mean, all's well that ends well isn't it?

Actually yes I should be complaining and so should all the Tigers fans because what hasn't be revealed is just how much the new improved colour scheme has cost.

If the answer is nothing, or even next to nothing, I would urge you to wear your second best suit on the opening night. The last thing I would want is to see that tinge of amber glowing bright on your bum as you wend your way home after the first game....!