Look Back In Amber

Last updated : 20 July 2004 By Clive Jones
The new season is just around the corner and we are in the midst of the build up to the main event.

I want to go on the record just how must I hate pre season friendlies. I especially hate games against Premiership opposition. I just don't believe they mean anything. They are not a pointer to just how well the side will do when the league season kicks off. In a nutshell, they are synthetic, meaningless kick abouts !

Okay rant over.

However, Saturday's match against Spurs at the KC Stadium is different. It is very different.

That is because it marks the centenary of Hull City AFC. What a landmark and I hope the day lives up to the occasion.

It's hard to visualise the years that have gone by since the first ball was kicked 100 years ago. Generation after generation have flocked to watch the Tigers play. At this time, every season, the fans had their hopes and dreams. Their hopes of watching the club have a great season. Hopes that promotion, a cup final and great matches would be the order of the day.

I can't help thinking that my granddad, who died in 1963, my uncle Henry, who died in 1968, and my uncle Percy, who passed away in 1971 would all have loved to be there.

I went to my first match with all three and I remember being spellbound, standing on Bunkers Hill at Boothferry Park. There was no stand at that time. It was an open terrace. Open to the elements and it chucked it down all through the game. It wasn't a big crowd and it wasn't a great game. I was nine.

Shortly afterwards, having been indoctrinated forever as a fan at a young age, I asked my grandad what he would most like do in life. He said "Watch the Tigers play in the first division." Nine months later he died of cancer.

So when you attend the KC on Saturday - remember the fans of yesteryear, and for a moment take the time to think about all the supporters that have been through the turnstiles over the years and think just what Hull City meant to them.

That's what I will be doing !