Leave It to the Gaffer

Last updated : 14 October 2002 By Clive Jones
When the news came through that Jan Molby was just another page in the history of Hull City, I thought to myself: "I saw that one coming."

When it was announced that Peter Taylor was to be appointed as the next messiah at Boothferry Park/KC Stadium, I thought: "That sounds like a solid appointment."

But you know, I can't help feeling that it is time for something to change at Boothferry Park, other than the manager. If history teaches anything, it is, never make the same mistake twice. Well, I do sincerely hope that it is not going to be third time unlucky for the Tigers.

Getting down to the knitty gritty, the message I have is a very simple one and it is to the chairman. Please let the manager manage and stop poking your nose in at every toss and turn. You did it with Brian Little, you did it with Jan Molby and if it all goes wrong for a third time you need look no further than in the mirror to see the reason why.

I know the imperative is success and don't we all want to see that. However, it is a big mistake for any chairman to interfere too much. Show me a chairman that does that and I will show you a club where fear rules and success is hard to come by.

History is a wonderful thing and I firmly believe that Hull City's destiny is to make the break through and finally turn the corner. But only if stability breaks out.