Kick It Out

Last updated : 16 January 2002 By Clive Jones

Let's be honest.

It's time that each and every decent Hull City fan came down off the fence and stood up to be counted.

Yes, this is my personal lambasting of the people that see bad things happening at Boothferry Park and simply turn the other cheek.

The nutters have had their day, they've caused too much trouble and it's time to get shot of the racist, right wing pigs that frequent our football matches.

Strong language, I hear you cry...! Yes damn right.

Don't bleat to me about the majority of fans that are well behaved and cause no trouble at all. You're all bloody guilty for staying silent in my book.

The turn the blind eye mentality that adorns Boothferry Park is mind boggling. Don't tell me you don't hear the racist filth that shouted every game. Don't tell me that you don't know the culprits. And don't tell me it's got nowt to do with you.

And I'm amazed at the fanzines response to the problem. Or should I say lack of it! Every edition I hope to see a feature article calling for the supporters to rally behind the decent principals that should operate in our society. Fat chance huh?

Okay, so it seems it befalls me to utter the obvious. Right, here goes then.

You lot in the Kempton. Get on the Tigers Hotline (The shop 'em and ban 'em line that's to be introduced) and name the evil thugs that think they can pedal their pernicious idea's inside the football ground.

Point them out and let's have them banned and preferably behind bars, which is where they deserve to be.

But the wonder is why it has taken an FA inquiry to jolt everyone's consciences.

You know it ain't rocket science to identify these people. So before the club and the Police start to pat themselves on the back, I have to say you're just as bad. CCTV, Police spotters and highly trained stewards have failed miserably to curb the problems.

So here's my message to them. Get yer fingers out and start taking the problem seriously. Now I'm not a tactical genius when it comes to undercover operations, but, I venture to suggest that a walk down Anlaby Road before a game or even afterwards, would soon see the football intelligence guys identifying the right wing nutters.

How do I know this. I've heard them for myself. I don't know the names but the mug shots are easy to pick out.

How long do we have to have the name of Hull City dragged through the mire before something is done. It's been a problem for years and the ostrich's arse has been stuck up in the air for far too long..."