Go Forth, Terrance

Last updated : 01 December 2002 By Mike Lammiman
Another full house. These fora are always well attended, and it was the appearance of players that started proceedings of this, the fifth forum. Players who have pulled on the shirt 100 times or more will have their names added to a commemorative board. Those who rank in the top 10 will have their names along with a photograph on a separate board . This will be a rolling system, so no doubt some names will be removed from the top 100 board and transferred. It's never simple, is it? A similar fate will bestow those who achieve full international honours. Yes, you, Jamie Wood.

The idea of having amber nets in the goals has been rejected by the players outright by the players as those who have played at clubs who have used them claim that they are not readily visible from all angles. It was pointed out by the Amber Nectarites that Bristol Rovers' diagonal black, amber and white nets were very visible and, keen to please as ever, Pearson says that the subject can be broached again later.

A new team photograph will be taken at the new stadium. Probably a good idea and not just because we have a new home ground. After a request from the Tigers Co-op, Pearson confirmed that the road through West Park to the stadium from Walton Street will be named "Boothferry Boulevard." The name-plate will appear before boxing day. At this point, the "Hull City" train name plate thought to be the original sited at the Ark was mentioned. No-one is truly sure that it is the original as the football is missing. The plate will be affixed to the players' tunnel only if it will not be obscured by the retractable players' tunnel. If the plate is obscured, its likely home will be the Sports Bar. The Sports Bar will, in order to compete with the Tigers Co-op drinking den - Tiger's Lair, be free of a membership fee. Those who discover that they have left their beer money in their other pair of trousers/skirt (do they have pockets?) can use the TRM-owned cash machines at the stadium. The fee for this transaction will be £1.50, all of which goes directly to TSM: a trade off against City servicing the machines themselves.

The council are not happy about the idea of people driving to the game, although there will be designated car parks (1047 spaces at the ground plus 46 designated for disabled drivers close to the stadium). We are encouraged to use the Park and Ride sites available around the City. We are told that we can use the Walton Street Park and Ride in reverse. I think I get this. This particular option will be available until the end of April. Pearson is keen to claim the extra space for car parking.

The last game at the Ark was discussed at some length. The championship winning team will appear before kick off and, with publicity rife about other pre- and post-match entertainment plus Pippa, I won't mention anymore here.

Neither will I go on about the farce that is occurring over the releasing of the second-half-of-the-season passes. Suffice to say that there have been three seating plans - the club just don't seem to be pleasing the safety people - there is, as I write, still no final seating plan. Without this, there can be no seat numbers and without seat numbers there can be no passes printed. We are promised that they will be available for collection from December 14th and those who can remember if they made the option to have them posted can expect to have them posted out earlier than this date. Xmas post permitting, you will have them on your doormat by Boxing Day.

The opposition for the grand opening fixture at the new stadium has not been decided. Assuming that Sunderland manage to overcome Sheff U in the Worthington Cup, then there will be a dilemma over the choice of opposition. Genoa have agreed to play for free and bring a first team squad. Brescia (without Baggio), Partisan Belgrade, Vitesse Arnhem and Sparta Rotterdam have all offered their services. Not satisfied with the thought of Rotterdam's least well known team gracing such an important event, a forumer suggested that Pearson should contact Feyernoord. Never one to spoil a party, Pearson agreed to ring them first thing in the morning.

Pearson is keen for the club to have an anthem at the new stadium. One has been commissioned along the lines of that used at Sunderland's Stadium of Light. A classical style intro with a boppy pop tune. This initiated a discussion about a tune to be chosen by the fans. City Independent had a pole which selected the Stone Roses' "This is the One." "I am the Resurrection" may be more appropriate, but "Something Inside so Strong/Keeping the Dream Alive/The Wonder of You/Drift Away will be blasted out over the new tannoy system at the next Forum meeting and one will be chosen. I dare say that this won't end there though. I hope it won't end there. Anthems aren't chosen, they are adopted and nurtured. Daydream Believer?