Finger Pointing Time

Last updated : 21 October 2002 By Clive Jones
So, the bunch of no hopers and under committed players go down to Torquay, thrash the pants off the second placed side in the Third Division table on their own muck and suddenly they are like born again Christians who have finally seen the light!

Remarkable isn't it? But, and it is a big but, why now and not before, is the question that everyone must surely be asking themselves. Humm, 'dunno' I hear you say. My response... oh come on, it's not rocket science, honestly it's not.

And before you start bleating that it's all down to Peter Taylor and he IS the new messiah, I caution you that he's hardly been here long enough to remember everyone's squad number, let alone know what makes each individual tick.

No, it is down to attitude. The players' attitude (or perhaps the lack of it if you are into rap music). Put in a nutshell, it is emerging just how little respect they had for the now departed manager Jan Molby.

If you tell a player long enough that he is rubbish, it won't take long before he starts to believe it inside his head and start to play exactly like that.

But what about Mr Molby. Honestly, I think it is sad that he's gone. But I have to say that the wounds were one hundred per cent self inflicted. And I am sure that if he had his time over again at Boothferry Park, he would do things very differently.

As you all know, I'm not one for handing out the advice freely (yes - that means you DO have to pay for it normally) but, if the famous ex-Liverpool player were to ask I'd tutor him in the values of brushing up on his interpersonal skills.

A bit of TLC never did do any harm every now again and it is amazing what can be achieved simply by showing a little bit of confidence in people.