Cup Half Full or Half Empty?

Last updated : 29 August 2008 By Tiger Pen
Without doubt, a worse tie could hardly have been handed out, especially as Swansea is one of the furthest clubs we could visit still in the league. What is the future for games like this and how does the average supporter feel about the possible demise of a once great trophy?

The League Cup will always hold fond memories for me personally. My first visit to Wembley was to see Nottingham Forest draw with Liverpool in the late 70's, and that particular day will stay in my memory for life. Is it still the same in today's modern age though?

Think back not too long ago and remember if you can the feeling of sheer delight at Selhurst Park, as the Tigers, then in the bottom division, knocked out Premiership side Crystal Palace thanks to our very own Ian Wright Wright Wright. Do you remember how fantastic a journey home it was, knowing that little old City had triumphed against the mighty Premiership stars? Now the tables have turned, do you really think that the Palace support that night even really cared?

What of the players concerned? Can they really be 100% committed to games like that at the Liberty Stadium, when an injury in such games could ruin their possible only chance at Premiership football? Now don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that the Tigers rolled over for the Swans midweek, but I do ask would any player put their foot in just as hard as they would in the "Big League"? Would you?

Year in and year out now, Premiership and Championship sides are eliminated at the very first hurdle of the competition now known as the reserve cup for the big 4. Yet still supporters will spend a full day travelling to such matches, taking leave from work and spending hard earnt cash.

How do you feel? Should it be regionalised? Is it wrong of the FA and PL to enforce some sort of team selection mandate? Could the clubs perhaps lay on transport for those willing to give up so much time for what has become a devalued trophy?

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