Clive Jones Bites Back

Last updated : 13 June 2004 By Clive Jones
Oh seems that I have stirred up something of a hornets nest. Apparently, a section of the Hull City support are upset for my comments over the trouble-causing element within the Tigers fans. Before I carry on. I would strongly argue that they are not fans. Let's tell it as it is. They are a rabble.

My reaction to this is quite simple. TOUGH!

I will not and will never and never have been afraid to stand up to the bullies. I am not about to start now. So, let me reiterate my original comments.

To those who simply cannot, or refuse to behave. For those who insist that they should be allowed to use abusive language. For those that whisper, utter, shout or chant racial taunts. For those who are intent on confronting away fans. For those who hurl missiles on to the pitch. For those whose sole intent is to fight, threaten, throw stones, misbehave or cause trouble. My suggestion is "Don't bother to turn up and we don't want you to support the club."

I would also say: You are football dinosaurs. Stuck in a time warp when you could hide behind the cloak of fear. Not now though. CCTV is watching you and your time is up.

To the Police Football Intelligence Unit I would say. Collect the evidence. Use the law. Enforce the law. Prosecute.

To the magistrates I would say: Throw the book at these people.

To Hull City Football Club I would say: Leave no stone unturned and when the case is proven, make sure they never get the chance to pedal their evil trade and soil the clubs good name.

So there you have it.

Clive Jones has stood up and been counted. I want to be able to support the club in an atmosphere that's not tainted by all of the things that I have mentioned earlier. Err wake up .... I've got news for you - so do 99% of all the other decent Hull City fans that support the club. It's great to be a City fan at the moment and I refuse to let anyone spoil the moment.