Back Down to Earth with a Bang (Hull City 0-5 Wigan Athletic)

Last updated : 01 September 2008 By Mr Sitter
It was all rather quiet at the KC when I arrived and then all of a sudden it seemed to have been packed out. I really don't know where they all came from.

The Wigan fans were in good voice, which was to be expected really and although I couldn't understand them I'm sure they were singing some good stuff.

The game was too bad to mention really. I am not even going into the officials as it sounds like I'm placing the blame all the time. The only thing I will say is that the linesman in front of the East Stand must have the referee as his dad. He was looking to the ref for confirmation on every single decision he was going to make. Even he wasn't 100% about the 5th goal, waiting a good 10-15 seconds before he gave the goal.

There was several things for me to whine about to do with the game but not the match itself. Whoever was flying that plane over the KC constantly annoyed a lot of people around me.

Finally, even though the Wigan lot didn't stop singing and praise to them for that. The whistle thing at the 80 minute mark: I have been told that they do it in their family stand at the JJB and is rarely heard away. It made me laugh the first time they did it, and then just cringe the second time as I thought it was kinda embarrassing (but not as embarrassing as losing 5-0, obviously).

Our atmosphere was okay at the start but it started it quieten down as we the game drifted further and further away, which is understandable. Their fans on the way home were pretty good, they were grateful in victory and didn't rub it in or anything on my long train home.

Next week we have a break, and I think we need a break. It will be interesting to see who we sign on deadline day as well.

Next up we're against the barcodes at St James's Park which should be a good match if we get over our drubbing this week.

Onwards and upwards

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