Last updated : 18 June 2009 By Andy Beill
Everyone remembers the triple sending off but what are your other memories of Dean Windass as a player for Aberdeen?
The first thing that springs to mind is an amazing League Cup away game in '96 - Deano's first season with us. We were one minute from being knocked out by lower-league Morton but got a last-ditch penalty to send the game to extra time at 3-3. In the additional 30 minutes, Deano scored all four goals for us to take the game 7-3. That endeared him to us!

The over-riding memory was of his attitude while playing for us though. His personality shone through on the pitch, and he seemed as happy as us when he scored, and as pissed off when he wasn't doing so well.

What was your team like during that spell (95-98)? Was Deano a star player?
The season before Deano arrived, the Dons finished 3rd in the league and won a trophy. Unfortunately, the manager that brought Windass in - Roy Aitken - was, along with a changing board of directors, about to take Aberdeen to depths the fans hadn't encountered for some 30 years. Despite the poor results and terrible performances in that time, a glimmer of light was Deano, who seemed to be mirroring the fans' frustrations on the pitch and desperately trying his hardest at all times.

The fact that he is still held in very high regard by the fans, particularly those who are too young to remember our real legends from the '80s glory days, tells its own story. A huge and likable personality if not an out-and-out star.

What were the circumstances leading to his sale to Oxford and what was the fans' reaction?
The circumstances were a combination of a drop in form, a new manager and the signing of Mike Newell, who was favoured over Deano for much of his final season.

The fans' reaction when he left was fairly muted to be honest - we were more concerned about who our new boss was to be that summer! And there was a feeling that Deano's time had gone at Pittodrie, so it was no shock when he left.

Have you followed his career since he left Aberdeen? Would you say you got him at his very best or did he continue to improve since leaving?
Deano's had an odd career, hasn't he? Plenty of peaks and troughs... I bet a few clubs' fans will say they got him at his very best... and worst! I think it's fair to say his very best was reserved for the very latter stages of his career, particularly at Hull, but we certainly got a good showing from him, certainly in the first two of his three seasons at Pittodrie.

Will any Aberdeen fans be making the trip down for his testimonial? Does a game against Hull City appeal now that we're a Premier League team?
No offence, but Hull will always be Hull whether you are in the Premier League or not! I don't think it's any more appealing now you are an EPL team.

Aberdeen fans always travel in good numbers so it wouldn't surprise me to see a four-figure travelling support making the journey... lock up your daughters! You do have an ex-Rangers player in Cousin so don't expect him to get an easy ride from us if he plays.

Craig Stewart is editor of Aberdeen Mad