A Dangerous Line

Last updated : 28 January 2005 By Clive Jones

It's been a long time. It's been a long time silent from yours truly but things need to be said and your average shrinking violet I am not. So here goes, hang on to yer hats!!

Not only am I back but so are the nutters that masquerade as supporters. Witness the clowns that populate the North East corner of the KC Stadium. Just how many times are these racist, right wing, violence minded people going to be allowed to besmirch the name of Hull City I wonder? And, just how long are YOU the fans going to tolerate them?

Before some of you put your halo's on and say "Yes isn't it awful" lets not forget that the bad habits of the minority can be fuelled by what they think they can get away with and in my opinion that's just what happened recently during the Peterborough home game.

It's a small step to take from booing players to a torrent of abuse - a vey small step. Think very carefully about where you draw your own individual line. THINK VERY CAREFULLY INDEED!

Sure, you’re fed up with some of the substitutions that Peter Taylor makes from time to time. I'm sure Stuart Green and Nicky Barmby share your frustrations, but to try and destroy a player because he is the unfortunate person sent on to replace your particular favourite is taking things a bit too far.

Whether Junior Lewis is a waste of space when he comes onto the field in your opinion, is not the issue. If you think it is - you're wrong. The issue is that by booing you hand encouragement to the element that continues to cause the club grief. I was once told, if you walk by on the opposite side of the road and turn a blind eye when you see wrong doing, you are just as guilty as those committing the offence. I think that is true.

Here's my experience from that game against the Posh. Picture a thirty something male fan sat in the West Stand. Picture also, sat alongside him his two sons. One about 12 years old - the other a few years younger. So dad sits there watching the match with his boys. That's just as it should be. When Taylor sends on Lewis for Green, father stands up and fires off a torrent of expletive's at the top of his voice and every time Lewis touches the ball the scenario is the same.

The 12 year old then follows suit - and the younger kid, not wishing to be left out, does likewise, even though he probably hasn't got a clue what he's saying or why he's saying it. But if Dad and big Bruv' are doing it - he probably thinks he should be too.

And so the seeds of the future troublemakers are sown! The future idiots that refuse to accept that there is a line that it is dangerous to cross.

I hope you get my point!