Editorial Policy

Last updated : 14 February 2002 By Hull City Online team
Our rationale is to report on events in an objective manner - based upon facts rather than rumour, conjecture and personal opinion. We believe that it is important to encourage positive support of the club, players and management, and we aim to provide a similarly positive view of Hull City AFC, Tigers' supporters and the City of Hull.
We support the actions of Hull City AFC, the Football Association, the Football League and Humberside Police to discourage and prevent racism and football-related violence.

If you have any issues or complaints about any of the contents of this site, please contact us at complaints@hullcity.com. We will address your comments as soon as possible.

Finally, we support the right of the paying supporter to express their views and to protest against the actions of Directors, players and Management if they see fit. However, we would encourage all fans of Hull City AFC to come together to positively and constructively support the team on the field, and encourage others to do the same.