Post Match Reaction: Hull City 1-2 Coventry City

Last updated : 02 February 2006 By Rick Skelton
Tut tut tut. Silly second half has cost us a very important victory. If you play poorly in the first half and the opposition are so poor that you go in 1-0 up, surely you pull your socks up, fancy it to be your night and push on. Not us.

We wasted the ball. It's costing us goals every week. We're under far too much pressure because the opposition have the ball. There was no composure from 3 of the back 4, meaning the strikers were chasing 30/70 passes all second half and the midfield was left to chase and chase.

Elliott scored a good goal from a ridiculously tight angle and then Andrews hit a rasper against the bar before half time. They were getting further on top as the second half went on. Boaz made an excellent safe at his right post and then from the corner made the best save you will ever see at the KC stadium from Stern John. A few minutes later, Delaney headed up into the air unchallenged and the wonderful Dennis Wise overhead kicked into the top corner. One cross and near post header later, it was goodnight.

We only made one decent chance in the second half and we made it because Collins actually controlled the ball and passed simply, starting a neat move that ended with Duffy's shot deflected wide. It's hard to understand how professional footballers cannot see how well that worked and try to emulate it.

Bo was magnificent. France had a great game. Every good pass in the first half came from him. He put good balls in that Duffy could chase. He made a couple of great runs through the centre of the pitch, got in a good strike on goal and did well against Scowcroft in the air. Possibly should have done better for the second goal, but then so should a lot of players. Cort and Collins were hopeless against Adebola and John. They let Dele out muscle them and John out run them. Delaney did OK. Bar the first goal, they never got much change out of him.

Andrews was as poor as we've seen him. Wasted the ball too much. Welsh worked hard but the game passed him by (over his head). Ellison tried in an unfamiliar position and Elliott looked a threat. Parkin was shackled well (unfairly, most of the time) and disheartened by the free kick he gave away for - *gasp* - jumping. Duffy was a real live wire. He'll really be a player.

We had little on the bench to influence things so the game petered out. A word for the referee who was hopeless. Outside of the box, he whistled for everything, booked about 50 players and generally annoyed people. Inside the box, he gave nothing, particularly when France clearly tripped McSheffery and when Duffy (Darryl) was barged in the back. It's so inconsistent. By the fouls he gave outside the box, we should have had 5 penalties (Only the Duffy one was really a pen). They are either fouls all of the time or none of the time. Gutless plonker. Thanks to the idiot who made his night by throwing a bottle at Wise's face. Dimwit. Wise was great, we'd love him if he was on our team. Always talking, kept the ref onside, was committed and scored a cracker.

So, a disappointing performance at home again. Still, we need to keep the faith. There's obviously a master plan at work to keep us up and push on next year. Despite his baffling decisions, the gaffer hasn't let us down yet, so we'll trust him. Disappointing to see Fagan's had a bust up. Fagan is one of the nicest people I've met, I'm finding it hard to believe. I can see his point of view: He's formed a good partnership with Parkin but is farmed out right. However, you've got to toe the line and fair play to the manager for being strong.

Ratings: Bo 9, France 8, Delaney 7, Cort 6, Collins 6, Ellison 6 (Paynter), Elliott 7, Welsh 6 (Green), Andrews 6, Parkin 6, Duffy 7.