Post Match Reaction: Hull City 1-1 Southampton

Last updated : 27 December 2005 By Rick Skelton
Photo © Corred
Nigel Quashie - ran the show until red card (Photo © Corred)
What a terrible game. Really disappointing performance. They absolutely dominated the first half. They were a good side, nothing spectacular bar the young lad Walcott, but good footballers playing intelligently. Great movement. We had nothing to match it, too slow in the tackle, only one decent passing move, no movement, clueless up front.

Quashie ran the game first half, every second pass came from him. They went in front early, we panicked when Walcott came at us, and left tons of space on our right which they exploited. France seemed to be out of position but in fairness, he was supporting the midfield when BBB lost the ball (unfairly) on half way. Nothing much happened after that, until said decent move led to a corner on half time and we poked in (deflected possibly) after a game of pinball in the box. Quashie then ended the game as a contest by getting sent off in the midst of a mass brawl. After half time, they showed no ambition and we showed no ability, so the game ended tamely.

Myhill had a good game, 2 good saves and was brave at set pieces. France and Delaney combined to give the worst display of distribution in football history, while not doing a lot in defence either. Delaney spent the first 15 minutes playing as sweeper, much to Walcott's delight. Collins was dominant (he was captain) and led well. Cort looked a bit off it, stuttered on the ball a bit, lack of confidence.

Woodhouse, Welsh and Green all have good ability and great heart, as a unit, they are pretty poor. They didn't get anywhere near enough tackles in, aside from one superb Welsh pass to Green, they didn't pass well enough and they didn't get anywhere near the front me for 99% of the game. Every 50/50 ball fell to the oppo's, even with 10 vs 11.

Photo © Corred
Ben Burgess - unlucky with injuries (Photo © Corred)
Paynter had a mixed game, he was brave and determined, he dd one or two nice things, but he was clumsy on the ball and never got near the ball. Brown was rotten again. He's ALWAYS offside. Won a few flicks but didn't do a lot with the ball. Barmby's passing was poor, but he did give us a bit of a lift and scored, so we'll let him off. Burgess was doing OK. The injury looked serious, here's hoping it's not. Got our fingers crossed for you Benny Boy. In fairness to the forwards, the supply was non-existent. Just hopeful hoofs. We started with the Chelsea-esque 4-3-3, on paper anyway, more Bolton-esque 4-5-1 in practise. Not sure what we switched to after Barmby came on, wasn't 433, wasn't 451, wasn't really 442. Was more like 4312, but with the one wide not in the middle. Whatever we played, we still hit poor balls up and didn't get men forward. Against 10 men it was embarrassing.

The bench didn't change much, Elliott just fell over twice and Fagan had no time. All in all, a decent point, but should have been more under the circumstances. The manager told Humberside that we were much better after half time. Probably trying to give the lads a boost because if he truly believes it, he's lost the plot. We were dominated until we scored a lucky goal and they blew it. When you don't have the skill to match them, you have to fight twice as hard, we didn't. Ask Luton about it, they manage to do it bloody well.

There's a saying, "I'd rather be a lucky manager then a good one". PT was lucky tonight.

Ratings: Bo 7, France 5, Delaney 5, Collin 7, Cort 6, Woodhouse 6, Welsh 7, Green 6, Brown 5 (Fagan), Burgess (Barmby 6), Paynter 6 (Elliott).