Player Ratings: Hull City 2-1 QPR

Last updated : 13 January 2007 By Andy Beill
Boaz Myhill (6) - Looked at fault for the QPR goal, especially from his angry reaction. Did well otherwise.

Sam Ricketts (7) - Supporting attacks a lot more than he used to, and his ability to come inside on his left foot is useful.

Andy Dawson (8) - Had a good game. Battled well. Is able to control the ball well and shift it past a player to clear it, as demonstrated today. Missed with a shot on goal. Gets forward well and is always looking to receive the ball.

Michael Turner (7) - Another solid game and deservedly keeps Danny Coles out of the team.

Damien Delaney (7) - Solid as usual.

Dean Marney (6) - Struggled to find space in the first half with QPR playing high up the pitch and pressing City players in possession, as well as his own teammates getting in his way instead of sticking to their own positions. Second half he tried to use the space and the ball better, but his set pieces let him down. Great ball across goal for Elliott's first.

Ian Ashbee (7) - Maybe could have done more as captain to control his team's anger at the referee, even getting booked himself for dissent. Otherwise, defended well and again found himself with the ball in space in the middle of the pitch to spread it out to the wings.

David Livermore (7) - Was late with a couple of tackles, one of which got him booked, but suggested that the QPR players were looking to win free kicks.

Nick Barmby (5) - It just wasn't coming off for him today, and injury was a timely excuse to remove him from the game. I'm sure he'll have more luck next time he starts. Because of the tight space on the pitch, his flicks and backheels weren't coming off, and lofting passes instead of hitting them sharp across the grass wasn't appropriate in these conditions either.

Jon Parkin (5) - A poor showing on the whole, usually being caught offside whenever he could have done anything useful, but two moments involving him won us the game: Letting Marney go to cross for Elliott's first, and a goalline save with the last kick of the match.

Steve McPhee (7) - Did well first half, fairly anonymous second half and was substituted at the right time.

Nicky Forster (8) - Found an incredible amount of space on the left wing. Although he often had to come inside on his right foot and lost out with a couple of runs, when he ran direct at the defender he caused real problems, and was able to have a couple of efforts on goal as well.

Darryl Duffy (6) - Wasn't really involved much.

Stuart Elliott (8) - The hero of the day, simply for those two goals which could prove to be ever so important. A real goalscorer's run for the first, and a typical Elliott header from a corner for the winner (although I think he missed one of these a few minutes before!)