What Alf Ramsey Said About The Phone Link To The Trainers' Dugout

Last updated : 03 January 2007 By James Lodge
The 60's, especially the era of Waggy and Chilo, are hailed as a golden era and they certainly were heady days, winning promotion having scored over 100 league goals in the season. But they also saw huge changes to the ground, with the construction of the South Stand, significant upgrades of the other stands and the installation of the huge floodlight pylons, not to say a state of the art (at the time) indoor training centre.

From the Manager's perspective the major change was a telephone; a dedicated link which connected the home pitchside dugout to a phone beside the seat which Cliff Britton occupied. Managers of the Britton mould wore suits and sat in the Directors Box and would never be seen in a tracksuit at pitchside or on the training ground.

Cliff Britton used to regularly to communicate to the bench.

Whilst Alf Ramsey could be regularly seen in a tracksuit he was much more of the old school than the modern all-action managers and when he came to Boothferry Park with a Football League XI he was going to be sat in the Directors Box. Cliff Britton, an old friend, offered Ramsey the use of his seat and the phone.

Now Sir Alf is often portrayed as a mild mannered and quietly spoken man (but yet he called the Argentinian players "animals" and almost caused a diplomatic row), but he could interject expletives with the best of them... so I shall censor his response: "If the f***ing b******s do not know what is expected of them I am f***ed if I am going to phone them to f***ing tell them."