Moments I Shall Never Forget

Last updated : 05 February 2007 By James Lodge
Going to the ground every Saturday and finding a little bag of Mint Imperials there every time courtesy of the legendary Viggo Jensen.

And when Billy Bly had the newsagents/sweetshop near BP supply an endless stream of chewing gum.

Seeing Johnny Stephens getting booked for pleading with the referee to let them continue playing when the floodlights above the East Stand failed in a match against Port Vale... Johnny said he could see better without them shining in his eyes.

Hearing about the look on Jock Davidson's face when Cliff Britton (a teetotaller) poured Johnnie Walker Black Labels down the boots of the players one freezing day to help warm their feet at half-time.

Bill Bradbury (on a quick break forward, running directly away from the referee) carrying the ball in his hands for 15 yards before dropping it to the ground and sidefooting it past the keeper, only to find the goal allowed.

John Charles (for Leeds) taking a penalty at the Bunkers Hill end which almost broke the net.

Raich Carter saying that he only missed one penalty in his life - deliberately shooting miles high as it was not a penalty in the first place.

Len Sharpe's face when he was criticised by Cliff Britton for running past a player and scoring a goal when his instructions were to stay with him and man mark him.

Les Collinson twice in the same game hitting scoring volleys from 20 yards directly from corners (from memory against Middlesbrough)

City missing 2 penalties within minutes of each other and losing to Bournemouth 4-3 as a result.

The pair of autographed football boots given to me by Stan Mortensen after I revealed to him that I did not like him as he scored a hat-trick against Blackpool in the cup-final and their centre-half had been Malcolm Barrass (a relative, see Jimmy Lodge's Legends profile).

Listening to Jimmy Lodge talk about football... about coaxing skills and talent out of people and not coaching them as automatons... and recalling the (totally unprintable) words of John McSeveney when I repeated those thoughts in an article in the East Riding Referees Society Magazine, of which I was then editor.

Hitting golf balls (with then coach Gus McLean) the length of BP until we were stopped when Gus was carrying Bunkers Hill and smashing too many windows in the houses behind.

The air rifle that appeared when City signed Doug Clarke which was used to shoot the pigeons after the pitch had been re-seeded.

Tom Courtenay's reaction when Waggy scored the second goal against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in that cup run.

The feeling that after the 4-0 demolition of Sunderland at BP the First Division beckoned... only to be disillusioned within weeks.