Fans' Liaison Committee Meeting 19/03/08

Last updated : 18 April 2008 By Andy Beill
Present: Andy Dawson, Commercial Director and Dan Pratt, Fans' Liaison Officer (Chairman Paul Duffen was taking part in a phone-in on Radio Humberside's 'Sports Talk' programme)

This was a short meeting lasting just over an hour and the general feeling was positive following the win at Colchester United the previous night.

Questions for meeting asked by representatives of the Tigers Co-operative

Why have ticket prices gone up when attendances are down? How will this encourage fans to come back?

At the previous meeting PD had said he thought pricing was not the problem. The price of the product was fair for what was on offer and represented good value compared to other clubs in the Championship. The club needs the revenue if it is going to compete.

Can the £15 admin fee please be explained?

This is not applicable when fans pay by cheque. It is in place because credit card companies charge a fee for payments by credit card.

Why has the student price been replaced by under-22-year-olds? What about students over the age of 21? There should be a student rep on the committee.

The student discount had been abused in the past by those who were not full-time and/or had a full wage. Genuine full-time, unwaged students above the age of 21 will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. The club is in conversation with the University of Hull in setting up a scheme to cover mature students.

Why is August 1st the cut-off date for age bands and not the start of the season?

There has to be a cut off date and 1st August is immediately prior to the start of the season - the exact date is never known well in advance.

Why aren't Fans' Liaison Committee reps available on match days to speak to fans?

The club feels committee members are volunteers - photographs are in each stand concourse and in the programme together with email addresses. Dan Pratt is always available in his West Stand office on matchdays from the morning until kick off time. His office is beside the additional club shop. No need for an appointment. During the match he can be contacted via the stewards who will ring him on his mobile phone.

Have the club considered sending 'plain clothes/undercover' staff into areas of the ground where some fans feel badly treated by stewards/police? This may paint a different picture to the one the chairman and the committee see.

The club did not feel this was necessary as FL committee members are spread around the stadium every match.
Other matters

Loyalty Scheme - this is not set in stone and will evolve

Only about 200 took advantage of the '£60 for 4 matches' scheme - the club found this disappointing.

About 3000 season tickets have been sold of which about 300 represent new pass holders.

Complaints have been raised regarding children being allowed in the Sports Bar but the club feel this is in keeping with the need to be family friendly. The committee was in agreement.

Play-offs - dates have yet to be finalised by the Football League.

Next meeting: 16 April 2008, which should be the last meeting of the season - unless our season stretches until the end of May! Paul Duffen will be in attendance.